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About Us

Jim Lincoln aka Jim Bowie, SASS Life #4775, is the original designer of the one-piece Marlin firing pin and the short stroke kits for the 1866 & 1873 rifles. He has been a gunsmith since his military days in the Army and now an accomplished cowboy gunsmith to the SASS community. Jim is continually looking for ways to improve the cowboy guns to make them run faster, be more reliable and keep you shooting.  He won the Senior World Champion in 2000 and Senior National Champion in 1999 and 2001.

You will find Jim at Winter Range, End of Trail, and many other local annual matches set up ready to fix, repair and replace parts in any cowboy gun that comes across his table. And he always has a smile and handshake for the cowboys and a hug for the cowgirls.

terrymiller Terry Miller aka T.L. is the other proprietor of the Cowboys and Indian Store. He is also a SASS Life member #5365. He attends many local and annual matches since he retired and moved to St. George, Utah with his wife, Dixie Bell.
libby And last but not least, Liberty aka Libby, head of security. She is a shelter rescue dog, pure German Shepherd but loves the water!! Just look at those teeth!!  Libby passed away in July 2017 of a large mass in her belly.  She is resting on our fireplace mantel in Arizona near the Colorado River - her favorite place.  RIP Libby girl!!