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Serving the cowboy action
shooter for over 12 years

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Yeah!!! We are done moving from California to Arizona....all our personal and business "stuff" is in one place.  Thank you for your patience and continued business.  The website, email address and phone number (714-210-2720) are the same.

Good News for those attending the SASS Western Regional at Chorro Valley, California next week:  Jim Bowie will be there (sans rolling shop) to fix your broken guns or bring them back home to Arizona if necessary.  He will have limited parts but always willing to serve the cowboys and cowgirls. 

Where we will be:Jim Bowie will be at Cajon Cowboys on Saturday, Aug 25th and The Cowboys monthly match on Sunday, Aug 26th from 8-10am to pick up and deliver guns.

The shop in California is now CLOSED.  Check out our new mailing address below!!  Jim Bowie will still be servicing your cowboy guns and selling parts - just from our new address in Arizona.  Please be assured that we will get your gun repairs done as soon as possible and will be shipping them to you from Arizona. 

Ruger New Vaquero, old style Vaquero and Blackhawks short stroke with reverse spin and transfer bar!! Jim Bowie has developed a short stroke for your Ruger New Vaquero revolver using all billet parts, reverse spin and keeps the transfer bar in for safety. You must send your revolvers to us to install.  Cost is $300 per gun, if you want lowered hammers they are an additional $50 per gun.

Imitation is the best form of flattery!  Many have copied our parts without our permission.  Please do not be deceived - if you want the best, come to the original designer.

We warranty our parts (not Uberti or others). However, if you alter, grind, or otherwise change our parts, we will be glad to sell you a replacement part but will not replace it for free!

The Cowboys and Indian Store has been serving the Cowboy Action Shooter for over 16 years by giving them what they want - guns that are smooth and reliable. We are a full service machine shop including Tig welding, specializing in gunsmithing and quality action jobs on 1866/1873 and Marlin rifles, Colt pistols, Colt clones and Ruger pistols, and the 1897 Winchester pump and most double barrel shotguns. Our mission is to continue to look for ways to improve the cowboy guns to make them run faster, be more reliable and keep you shooting!

Phone number 714-210-2720  Fax 714-210-2721
Address:  10119 S Carol Ct, Mohave Valley, AZ  86440
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Hours: Phone hours will be Monday-Friday 100 degrees to 5pm Arizona time. If you want to come by to see us, please call to make arrangements in advance. Thank you!