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Serving the cowboy action
shooter for over 12 years


Services offered include action jobs, gun repairs, gun parts installation, gun transfers, and repairs on many other types of guns including the 1911 and semi-automatic pistols (Calif legal only please). We have new and used consignment guns for sale as well as parts for your cowboy action guns.  Prices subject to change without notice.

Action job - 1866/1873 Rifles   295.00
Action job - Colt & Colt clone pistols (each)   185.00
Action job - Winchester 1897 shotguns   295.00
Action job - Marlin rifles   175.00
Action job - TTN Hammer shotgun   175.00
Action job - Stoeger/IGA Double Barrel shotgun   175.00
Action job - Ruger Pistol   185.00
Action job - SKB Double Barrel shotgun   195.00
Half cock - Ruger pistol (each)   90.00
Reverse spin cylinder - Old Style Ruger pistol (each)   50.00
Cut barrel & install large brass bead - shotguns   75.00
Cut stock & fit recoil pad - shotguns (includes standard pad)   95.00
Labor to install parts (without action job)   50.00
Cleaning and maintenance   65.00 min
Welding - minimum charge   50.00 min
C&I Ruger short stroke job   375.00 ea
Ruger lowered hammer (only available w/short stroke jobs)   60.00 ea